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Yacht Delivery:
Our experienced Captains provide yacht delivery services from Maine to Florida. Our top priority is a safe, prompt and comprehensive service. We will provide the owner with a detailed comprehensive report constructed from information taken while underway. The delivery report is vital information for new & used boat owners. The delivery survey is included in each delivery at no additional cost. To schedule a delivery or to discuss the process please contact us for additional information.

Vessel Training;

Our experienced Captains provide several different types of vessel training. See the Seamanship program below. If your looking for hands on training from a patient reliable coach. Then sign up today for either the Seamanship Program or a private lessons from skilled mariners. We teach Offshore Sport fishing lessons aboard your vessel or ours. We can assist you in properly outfitting or rigging your sport fishing vessel for either Inshore or Offshore fishing. We can assist you in getting your vessel ready for a USCG Safety Inspection.



The Proficient Mariner Program:
Do you require the confidence in operating your new boat on the bay or Atlantic Ocean? Are you a little rusty on the Navigation Rules of the Road? Then join "The Seamanship Program". This is hands on training by professional mariners to build your confidence in becoming a proficient sailor.

Our Services include;

  • Maneuvering - Get underway from your slip and proper docking procedures.
  • Basic Navigation - Learn basic navigation skills to become confident with your local area.
  • Electronic familiarization - operate your electronics package to its fullest.
  • Basic Safety Practices - Learn tips that can save lives.
  • Crew Training - teaches your crew what to do if something happens to you.
  • Proper Boating Etiquette - learn basic skills that set you aside from everyone else.
  • Vessel Management - The dealer has the engines covered, but what about the boat. Let our Captains advise you how to make sure your vessel is ready to depart at a moments notice.
  • Basic weather- Learn how to interpret a weather report. Gain the knowledge to determine whether to go out or stay in.


Contact Capt. Scott to schedule you into "The Proficient Mariner Program".This is a "Hands On" approach to becoming confident operating your vessel.

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