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Va. Beach and the Chesapeake Bay is the # 1 Sport fishing destinations along the entire East Coast for Striped Bass. The Va. Beach ~ Chesapeake Bay is known as the “Striped Bass Capital of the World” and for good reason. As the summer fishery come to a close and colder waters move into the area, the Famous Va. Beach / Chesapeake Bay Striped Bass begin their annual run. As the first striper shows up off the Virginia coast its non-stop striper fishing action right on through January & March.

When these awesome rockfish start to run, they can be caught by casting, trolling, chunking or jigging. This is some of the best light tackle fishing action you can find anywhere in the world. And did we mention the Va. Beach ~ Chesapeake Bay Striped Bass are the best eating out of any stock known. The Va. Beach ~ Chesapeake Bay Restaurants are known as the culinary best along the entire East Coast for preparing your catch. Take your catch directly from our boat to the many establishments we are partners with and see why Va. Beach & Chesapeake Bay Stripers are the “Best” tasting fish second to none anywhere in the world.

The Va. Beach ~ Chesapeake Bay striper population has grown over the past 10 years or so into a massive fishery. For a time the Virginia State record striper was broken every season or every couple seasons for about 5 or 6 years in a row with the last record striper being caught on January 23rd, 2008 and weighing in at a heavy 73 pounds. Right here in Va. Beach. Are you ready for that challenge?

East Coast striped bass are typically found from the Carolinas to Nova Scotia. The Va. Beach / Chesapeake Bay are the major producer area for striped bass, with the Hudson River being a secondary producer. Spawning migration begins in March when the migratory component of the stock returns to their natal rivers to spawn. It is believed that females migrate after age five. These fish are believed to remain in the ocean during the spawning run. Males as young as two years old have been encountered in the spawning areas of the Chesapeake Bay / Va. Beach area. The migratory range of the northern (Hudson stock) extends from the Carolinas to New York's Hudson River

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